Education for Development

Online and Blended Learning

  • Single teaching sessions
  • Online or blended courses
  • Online conferences
  • Video lectures, quizzes, collaborative tools

Development projects

  • Online communcation with partners
  • Educational tools for training
  • Training on water supply, sanitation and environmental management

Quality education in developing countries

Or perhaps you want to participate in the DIAL# project on sharing quality active learning assignments with the whole world?

Online and Blended Learning

17 years of Online and Blended Learning support -

and 25 years of practical teaching experience.

Course design

  • Planning and implementation to meet intended learning outcomes
  • Online or blended courses
  • Synchronous/ asychronous and activities
  • Setup in any learning management system

Online conferences

  • Setup of online conferences and large meetings in Zoom
  • Security in the organisation
  • E-moderation so you can focus on content and social interaction
  • Simultaneous interpretation

Course items

  • Production and setup - or sparring / supervision
  • Online teaching sessions,
  • Video lectures, interactive
  • Online collaborative tools
  • Quizzes and auto-assessed assignments

Spice up your presentation

  • Support for the single teaching session
  • Fine tuned slides with appropriate animations
  • Interaction with participants
  • Tools-based assignments in breakout rooms

Development projects

We work for a world where everyone has access to good teaching

- both those with and without internet. 

Project training and communication

  • Planning and tools for online and blended training and teaching formats
  • Online training sessions, video or podcast production, use of open educational resources, also in poor bandwith situations.
  • Efficient online meeting and project management to reduce traveling
  • Meetings with several partner with the option of simultaneous translation in Zoom

Environmental training and support

  • Large experience with voluntary and professional development projects
  • Special competences in water supply, sanitation, environmental management and sustainability.

Support to quality teaching in schools

  • See the DIAL# project page regarding free sharing of assignments in primary and secondary schools in developing countries.